Keep our Minis safe with Kidsafe

Our minis are all so precious and special. Some try for many years with tears and heartbreak to get just one little one. I think we can all get a little complacent and no always realise how closer danger can be.
Last week on my normal school drop off I witnessed a child run out in front of a car across a little side street, the car came screeching to a halt, and the driver jumped out to check on the child. She was shaken but no injured at all. So pleased all was ok, but it got me thinking…..

I don’t want to scare my minis or freak them out, but they really do need to have a little fear of cars, trucks, roads etc as they need to understand just how dangerous it is. Here one minute and gone the next.

I always gently but firmly explain to my minis that if they do not cross a road correctly they could be seriously injured or pass away.

It may be harsh, but unfortunately its reality and they have to know. As much as we would love to protect them from everything they must know the truth.

My eldest mini is 8 and I allow her to walk out the back school gate and walk to my waiting car, it took months for me to finally let go and allow her to do this, but its important to develop independence and responsibility and she way thrilled to get this little bit of independence and she knows we trust her and her growing decisions.

Please remember we do not own our minis, they are lent to us for an unknown amount of time for us to love, nurture, treasure and grow.

Tread carefully and lovingly, and remember that you where a child too, you made mistakes, just like our minis will, they just need to know that keeping safe is the most important lesson & with guidance its possible.

3minismumma xox


I am participating in the National Kidsafe Day Bloggers Competition to support and promote child safety, along with the added bonus of chances to win prizes. All opinions are my own and not those of Kidsafe. To find out more or to enter the competition, please visit


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