September was HARD

It really & truly was.

With tears in my eyes & pain in my heart.

We where elated to find out in August we had finally conceived a new little life, being so early it was a huge secret & oh so exciting. The 3 minis where OVER the moon. Then on Fathers Day 1st sept, came a dark, sad cloud, that took away our little one, with no warning, just pain, sadness and hurt.

At nearly 8 weeks we had so many dreams for you, we cried for you, the minis cried for you. We miss you.

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month…

Let’s take some time to remember the babies who were born asleep, or whom we carried but never met, those we have held but could not take home, or the ones who made it home but didn’t stay.

One in four pregnancies does not result in a live birth, so although rarely talked about in an open forum, many many women walk this path. 

3 minis mumma xox


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